Kalo Beauty understands what your skin is going through every single day. And that is why it has become our mission to help people with some of the most common skin problems. We have treatments for acne problems, scars, oily skin, blemishes, facial and body hairs, and even aging skin. These are all proven and tested and can guarantee optimum results.

We know the importance of our tools and technology for all our aesthetic services. Thus, we have a regular maintenance and at the same time, we keep all our tools sterilized. Apart from making you beautiful, we value safety most especially that we are treating skin.

Why clients

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Professional Services

Kalo Beauty offers outstanding services in our well-equipped facilities and by our trained professionals. You can ensure that your skin is in great hands.

Result Oriented

Amazing results is what our team craves for. Thus, we work with passion and dedication to meet not only our expectations, more so of the client’s.

Personalized Treatment

Your skin is unique and we understand this as professionals. That is why we always recommend the most appropriate services that’s best for you – and only you.

High Success Rate

Our clients keep on coming back, proving that our services are efficient, effective, and successful.

Facial service

Using the latest technology,
customised to your unique skin

We offer a variety of facial services, depending on your needs. You can choose from basic facial, APL facial, and micro-needle treatments to name a few. Be prepared to look rejuvenated after each session.

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Slim service

Kalo Beauty has effective slim services, perfect for hard to target areas. Choose from fat freeze cry-o and other body shaping treatments. These are non-invasive and non-surgical which leaves you with zero downtime.

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Eyelash extension service

Get beautiful eyelashes

Open up your eyes with our professional eyelash extension service. With our best tools and outstanding techniques, you are sure to get more than what you expect.

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Hair removal service

Painless and 100% safe

Be beach ready anytime of the year with Kalo Beauty’s Hair Removal Service. We will leave your skin hairless and smooth.

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